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Field trips at TCMU-Greenville are for 3K to 5th grade students.

Self-Guided Field Trips at TCMU

Self-guided field trips at TCMU offer a unique way for students to discover and learn, through hands-on museum exploration and STEAM-based, experiential learning.

See what you will find at the museum with this tour from our very own Miss Frazzle. Wahooooo!


Reduced Admission

Miss Frazzle welcome video and letter

Unlimited free exhibit play and exploration

Opportunity to bring lunch and eat on-site or purchase food from Café







Before you Book

Field trip groups must include 15 individuals or more to qualify for field trip pricing.

The ratio of students to adults REQUIRED is 5:1. For safety reasons, if this ratio is not met, your group will not be permitted entrance.

All adults are free of charge. We encourage as many chaperones as possible!

Educator Resources

TCMU Visits Your Classroom

Field trip programming can take place in your classroom!

This programming is designed to span all STEAM subjects through hands-on challenges and creative applications.
Lessons correlate with South Carolina State Standards and are made to support your in-classroom instruction through engaging lessons led by TCMU facilitators.




Minimum Total Price








Field Trip FAQs

What is the payment and cancellation policy?

  • Payments must be made no later than two weeks prior to your visit. Your field trip is subject to cancellation if payment is not received by this deadline.   

  • No refunds are given for students unable to attend.  

  • If school is canceled on the day of your visit, you may reschedule your visit within the same school year.  

  • Arriving late to your visit may result in your add-on program being shortened or canceled . Refunds will not be given to groups arriving late.

Is there a chaperone to student ratio?

  • One adult for every five students is required. Adults include teachers, teacher’s aides, parents, caregivers, etc.  

  • All adults are free of charge.

What is an enrichment activity?

  • TCMU offers a variety of program and lesson options that can be added to your field trip for an additional fee. All enrichment activities explore STEAM concepts through hands-on and creative applications. If you are interested, a TCMU Staff member will help you decide the best offering for your classroom upon booking.

I'm an adult chaperone. What are my responsibilities?

  • Adults are responsible for the behavior of all students during school visits.   

  • Adults should encourage children to interact with the exhibits respectfully and responsibly. TCMU reserves the right to ask disorderly groups to leave the museum without refunds.   

  • Adults are encouraged to silence their cellphones or use them only when urgent.  

  • No food, drinks, candy, or gum are permitted in the museum besides in the Café. 

What are the students' responsibilities?

  • Students must stay with an adult at all times.  

  • Students should practice respectful and responsible play.  

  • Students should be kind to the museum and others.   

  • Students should have on wristbands provided by TCMU staff at all times in the museum.  

  • No food, drinks, candy, or gum are permitted in the museum besides in our café area.

I have 75+ individuals in my group. Can we all check-in at the same time?

  • 75 individuals at check-in is TCMU's capacity.  

  • If you have more than 75 individuals in your group, TCMU staff will ask, upon booking, that you split into two (or more) separate groups, with consecutive time slots.  

  • Please plan, prior to booking your trip, how you will split up your group and select the number of individuals for your check-in slots accordingly. 

Where should our group park?

  • Buses can park in the bus lane located in front of the museum on College Street. Buses should pull as far forward as possible to accommodate other buses. Once students have exited the bus, the driver is welcome to park on West Elford Street across from the Greek Orthodox Church. Click here for a digital map.

  • Personal vehicles may park in the Heritage Green Parking deck located behind Heritage Green. It is a county parking deck with a maximum fee of $4.00 per day.

Can our group eat lunch at the museum?

  • Yes! If your group would like to eat lunch during your field trip, The TCMU Café is available. Upon booking, you will be asked to confirm if you will be using Café for lunch. 

  • Groups are welcome to bring their own lunches.  

  • Additionally, The TCMU Café has kiosks that offer a variety of sandwiches, salads, snacks and refreshments. Vending machines accept credit cards only. 

  • TCMU staff members are not responsible for handling or facilitating lunches in the Café space. Please be respectful and clean up all trash and wipe down eating areas.

Does TCMU provide scholarships for field trips?

  • All scholarship awards are determined based on funding that TCMU receives.  
  • Only Title I Schools may receive scholarship awards at this time. Please note, qualification does not guarantee funding. If you think your group may be eligible for a scholarship, please contact [email protected] prior to booking your trip.

Do TCMU memberships apply to field trips?

  • Memberships cannot be applied to student admission on field trips.  

  • Adults who have a membership at TCMU will be allowed into the museum without paying admission.

What are the safety measures at TCMU regarding COVID-19?

  • Face coverings are optional for museum entry. Per CDC guidelines, it is strongly recommended that guests wear masks when Covid-19 community levels are high regardless of vaccination status. Anyone with symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with COVID-19 should wear a mask regardless of community levels.

Will my students be photographed?

  • It is possible! Museum staff are often on the floor taking photos and videos for marketing purposes. TCMU reserves the right to photograph or video visitors.  

  • If a student cannot be photographed, the educator booking the field trip is responsible for informing the Field Trip Coordinator. 

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