Travel to communities near and far
at TCMU-Greenville's Winter Camp...

…while learning about winter holidays celebrated around the world.

Each day will be dedicated to learning and appreciating the following Holidays: Las Posadas (Monday), Hanukkah (Tuesday), Winter Solstice (Wednesday), Kwanzaa (Thursday) and Omisoka (Friday). 

Explore unique traditions as well as the food and stories that bring people together to celebrate life, love, hope and community!

December 19-23


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$40/Day: Non-Members

$35/Day: Members

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  • Individual orders must be placed per camper. You cannot purchase camps for multiple campers at a time.
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Monday, Dec 19

Las Posadas

Registration Closed

Tuesday, Dec 20


Wednesday, Dec 21

Winter Solstice

Thursday, Dec 22


Friday, Dec 23


Camp Descriptions

Las Posadas (Monday)

Campers will learn about the culture surrounding the holiday of Las Posadas, a festival primarily practiced in Latin America, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Cuba, and by Hispanic people in the US. They will discuss similarities and differences between their own celebrated winter holidays and Las Posadas.

Activity: Paper Cup Luminaries

Snack: Pinata with Mexican candy and cookies!

Hanukkah (Tuesday)

Campers will discover the historic events behind the celebrated days of Hanukkah including the traditions, beliefs and customs of the Jewish community.

Activity: Make your own dreidel game!

Snack: Potato latkes

Winter Solstice (Wednesday)

Campers will explore the Winter Solstice Holiday and its significance to today’s celebration of Christmas.

Activity: Make and take pomander balls

Snack: Kid-friendly spiced wassail

Kwanzaa (Thursday)

Campers will learn about the origins of Kwanzaa, and the traditions and beliefs of those in the Black community that celebrate the holiday.

Activity: Unity cup craft

Snack: Cornbread muffins

Omisoka (Friday)

Campers will learn about the rituals and traditions of Japanese New Year’s Eve and gain an understanding of the meaning and vocabulary that surrounds the day.

Activity: Fukuwarai Game

Snack: Toshikoshi soba

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get help registering for camp?

  • Parents are encouraged to register online. If you need assistance with registration, please e-mail [email protected] or come in person to TCMU and one of our Guest Services representatives will be happy to help! TCMU is not able to register for camp over the phone.  
  • Please note: Individual orders must be placed per camper. You cannot purchase camps for multiple campers at a time.

What will my camper do at camp?

  • Each week is jam-packed with themed culturally-based holiday lessons and activities in addition to supervised free play in the museum.
  • Our curriculum provides campers the opportunity to learn and explore in the museum’s unique and playful setting.

Is food provided for my child?

  • TCMU will provide small samplings of traditional food or drink associated with each winter holiday, but these are not significant portions.
  • Please pack a snack for your campers that meets your child's tastes, allergies or other dietary restrictions. No peanut products are allowed by campers as we have some children attending camp with severe allergies that can be triggered by particle dust. Please note any allergies on the registration form.

How do I drop-off my child?

  • Drop-off for AM camp is from 8:45AM-9:00AM. Doors will close at 9:05am. 
  • Guardians, please park in the Heritage Green parking lot and walk your camper(s) to the side entrance where a staff member will be waiting to escort your child inside. Do not send your child from the parking lot to TCMU without escorting them to the door.  
  • After parking in the Heritage Green lot, walk your child along the sidewalk behind Greenville Theatre and the Greenville County Museum of Art to the concrete pad behind TCMU.  
  • Continue your path on the right side of the outdoor playground until you reach the check-in table. Wish your camper a good day at camp and return to the parking lot to exit prior to the 15-minute grace period ending.  
  • Heritage Green offers a 15-minute grace period before anyone will be charged for parking, so you will not be charged for dropping off your child at camp; however, you will receive a parking voucher the morning of your child’s day of camp. Should Heritage Green ask for payment, you can provide the parking validation.

How do I pick up my child?

  • Pick-up for AM camp is from 11:45AM-12:00PM. Doors will close at 12:05pm.  
  • Guardians, please park in the Heritage Green parking lot and walk to the check-in / check-out table at the side entrance where the camper was dropped off.  
  • Provide the name of your camper and your photo ID to the staff member, and your child will be escorted to you. 
  • Remember to return to the Heritage Green lot within 15-minutes to avoid incurring a charge. Should you need an additional parking validation, please ask for one. 

What if my child needs help in the bathroom?

  • All campers attending TCMU camp must be potty trained and independent in the restroom.
  • Camp staff will not enter the restroom with any camper under any circumstances. Campers must be independent in the restroom, and must be able to alert camp staff that they need to use the restroom if needed outside of regularly scheduled breaks.  
  • In the event of an accident, campers will need to be picked up as soon as possible.

What if I need to cancel my child’s camp?

  • TCMU does not offer refunds for camp.
  • Camp reservations may be rescheduled for a $10 rebooking fee. 
  • In the event of a cancellation by the museum, funds may be moved to another camp if space is available at the discretion of TCMU.