Sat., Aug. 19-Oct.7, except Sept. 2


Geared towards girls ages 9-12

Join us for NIFTY, NASA Inspires Futures for Tomorrow's Youth!

TCMU is partnering with NASA and Twin Cities PBS for an exciting 7-week STEM course, connecting NASA role models with girls ages 9-12 in our community. Please note, registration is extremely limited and first come, first served. Barring personal illness or emergency, attendance is required from 9am-12pm on the following Saturdays:

  1. August 19th
  2. August 26th
  3. September 9th
  4. September 16th
  5. September 23rd
  6. September 30th
  7. October 7th

Some of the exciting topics participants will explore are:

  • Training involved in being an astronaut, including how to eat in space.
  • Communicating with robots in space.
  • Constructing bottle rockets and comets.
  • Developing a device that can return to Earth safely.
  • Understanding the elements of space suit design while creating one for a class fashion show at the end of the course.

During one of the sessions, students will also have the opportunity to connect virtually with NASA role model and South Carolina native, Nicole Pelfrey. Nicole joined the International Space Station (ISS) Payload Operations Team in 2006, collaborating with the crew to ensure successful on-board science operations. Nicole joined NASA in 2018 where she currently serves as Deputy Manager, Science Research and Projects Division. 

Did You Know??

Although girls tend to achieve higher grade point averages in math and science, they earn advanced degrees in these subjects at significantly lower rates than boys.

Based on statistics from the US Department of Education, women hold just three in ten of the available jobs in physical, computer and math science.

Our goal is to create a welcoming STEM learning environment to empower and encourage girls in these areas.

Questions about the course? Please contact us at [email protected].